Sarge's Surplus Hut Building from Cars

I recently bought this after member PS1 pointed it out on the Menards auto rack thread.  It is pretty neat with an animated sign. I cut a hole in the layout to make it blend in and covered the painted plastic with matching ground cover. The sidewalk and street that are shown in the ad are included but not attached. It runs on included batteries or a 4.5 volt DC supply. I had a spare cord on a Menards power supply on that end of the layout, so I plugged it in and it works great! 006008010014015Capture


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Man, that looks great, I wondered why I hadn't seen one on a layout yet!

That's the only Sarge-related licensed thing I don't own yet. I own a real WW2 Jeep, so I collect everything Sarge-related:

This isn’t all of it, I have added to the collection since this shot. Note the photo of the character in the background, that was signed by the voice actor for the character in the films.

And I so badly want to get to Disneyland to see this in person someday:


Charlie posted:

I have not looked at the Menards site yet, but are there more buildings available?

Or is this the first in a series?


This is not available from Menards. It is a Mattel product, I got mine from Amazon, but I see that Toys R Us has it also.

milnyc posted:
I got mine from Amazon, but I see that Toys R Us has it also.

Online they do but I've not even heard of a retail store that has them.

My problem is I can't put that on my layout and I have no room to display it elsewhere.

Going to buy one anyway, though as I can't not get that.

RJT posted:

MILNYC; How does it fit in scale wise, really does look sharp and you did a great job working into the layout.

It is a good fit for O scale. The overall size of the base is 10" X 12". Without the sign, the hut is 9" X 6" and 3&1/2" high.

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