The Lionel sawmill has pretty logs - nice rounds in and pretty flats out!

There is a sawmill like this close to me in S. NJ - the family has been running it for a long time - the guy in the cab watches the blade teeth as the log is going through to judge how fast to feed it - the teeth act like a strobe timer

That is a big blade!


Arctic Railroad

Granddad had a sawmill for many years. He started out with a Frick steam tractor for power and in later years switched to an IH gasoline engine.

Starting a Set:


Well into a set as witnessed by the stacks of lumber. 




Nothing hydraulic here. Everything done by hand including turning the log.


On a good day they would mill 10,000 board feet. Dad firing the boiler.








These pics taken late '20s through mid '40s.





Operator of the Plywood Empire Route in the Beautiful Berkshires

Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.


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