I sent them an e-mail requesting the dimensions of a structural laser-cut detail item I was considering purchasing for a current project on the workbench.  

I received a response in less than 24-hours.....indicating that they don't supply dimensions of their items, having found it leads to piracy of the design, subsequent competition.

While the response was puzzling in its content, it was appreciated in its speediness.

Glacierunner we did respond to your email and stated that we don't give sizes because people have been copying our design but you asked about the globe vents the sizes are listed by the picture 14" and 9" since this is 1/4" scale a simple math equation will answer you size question.Your last message asking shipping charges at 5:48 jun10 was responded june 10 at 5:49 telling you to use the cart normally 3 to 10 bucks  you name is don w and you phone number is 208 --- ---- so you got a response in 1 minute. I can post the email if you would like.

DKDKRD the reason we don't give sizes anymore if you look on shapeways a guy asked about the diesel lifting lugs we responded to his multiple request for sizes now he is selling them. Why should we do someone else research. Another example look at delta models he copied many walthers passenger car interior and exterior parts and when we purchased Keil Line they had  purchased the entire Walthers O scale line and we have all the molds and patterns. So how is he selling our stuff????  Now I hope that clarifies the answer you were given. There was also a post( John Sethian) on here about our diaphragms where a guy wanted me to post all the sizes of the parts so he could 3d print them why would I do that???

Caseyjones2 Really we don't offer store credit if you bought something on ebay and we were out of stock rare since we make most of the items we sell we always refund thru ebay/paypal no credit is ever given. IF YOU DIDN'T GET YOUR MONEY BACK WHY NOT OPEN A CASE??????????????  Yes sometimes we are out of KD couplers or TruColor paint and sometimes ebay ads show its in stock because we sell in more places than the bay and the software that we use in our automotive business is costly that updates inventory every 15 minutes on our websites but on a low volume line like this we can't afford the luxury of having that.

Now my vent WE GET COMPLAINTS our shipping is too high well after the box,tape label and ebay taking over 10% of the shipping that we charge about 3.35 we barely break even and in the last KIEL LINE CATALOG THE SHIPPING MINIMUM WAS 9.95 and up. Also COMPLAINTS we have raised prices so high our prices are the same as the 2013 Keil Line catalog except we raised everything up 5 CENTS to make it easy to tabulate totals at shows. Yet when we went from lead base to pewter at a much higher price lowered the shipping we got not one compliment. Also what business hasn't had a price increase in 6 years????????  And so you don't think I know about business my family has been in the automotive business since January 15 1915 and I have been running it since 1978 ENUFF!!!!!

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