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I've been trying to contact Minute Man models to buy some Scale Coat II paint but the website is down and calling the phone number gets a not in service message.

Does anyone know their status?

And what are you using in place of Scale Coat II?  I've used Scale Coat II going all the way back to the Weaver era and hate to change.

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I’ve been waiting since March for an order of Scalecoat 1. I’m now somehow getting numerous emails forwarded to me from other customers with the same issue.

My recommendation. As much as I prefer their paint. At this point just move on. If you prefer a solvent based paint. There’s True Color and  I’ve switched to Tamiya lacquer. Others have reported getting product waiting as long as 6 months. My projects are not always planned and I just can’t wait that long for paint nor plan ahead for what I might need.

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I have quite a bit of their Scalecoat II in spray cans, so many colors, but I am need of the boxcar reds for most of my projects. Can’t get those colors at this time.

When I use the Scalecoat II paints, I like to finish them with the Scalecoat flat or satin finish. Anything else causes the color paint to blister. Of course I am all out of the clear finishes, so it pretty much sidelines my color inventory.

I have been using True Color and Tamiya paints with decent results.

There must be a untenable situation at/with Minute Man. The amount of business they are losing is pretty substantial…


This lack of communication with your customer base is one of my growing pet peeves.  I can well understand the several whys and wherefores a business such as Minute Man might be facing difficulties in these last few issues, cost increases (incl. new regulations), essential materials supply disruptions/availability, etc., etc., blah, blah...but it's not the hallmark of a good purveyor to simply 'go dark', leave customers who count on your products hanging.

Scott Mann's (3rd Rail) periodic-to-regular communication through his website and this forum, letting folks know how things are...or are not...going with his projects and promises is, IMHO, diametrically opposite to this thread's situation. 

I'm not sure who's advising smaller businesses to act in this manner.  It seems to be a fairly common, growing situation.  If you're all done, for any reason, say so.  Tell those awaiting your products/services NOW!  If you're going through some short term 'hiccups' the hoi polloi can understand and abide with more patience, tell us...and protect the future of your business...US! ...especially if it's essential to your financial well-being and supportive of a future buyer's due diligence analysis!

The hobbies have been through changes of paint purveyors before.  Many of the transitions weren't handled much better communication-wise than this current one with Scalecoat.  We'll figure out the go-arounds and transitions.  We always do.  But the longer we go in the dark...wondering, waiting...the harder it will be to recapture the trust.

At least, that's the way I feel about it...while waiting 8 months for my own back orders!

Just sayin'.


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