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The "scale only" wheel sets on the new hoppers I know will not be compatible with traditional flyer track, but what about the new Fastrack?



Frankly, I'm a bit puzzled about the "scale only" wheel selection for the hoppers as cataloged by Lionel.  While I'm glad Lionel's trying to cater to the scale market, I don't see why they would want to alienate the Flyer/HiRail folks.  I'm thinking that might be changed by the time they come out.


Regardless, scale wheels should work fine on FasTrack, being operationally the same as S-Trax.  The only problem might be the switches.  I know S-Trax switches aren't fond of scale wheels.  We won't know the answer until Lionel's switches come out.


...Or unless Jon chmes in...


Scale wheels will work on Fastrack. My U33c with scale wheels runs fine. The turnouts haven't been proven yet as they haven't been released, but I was told that they will work. Having said that, if you are only running Fastrack I would suggest sticking with the High rail wheels. The U33c is a bit finicky on FT with the scale wheels, but on code 100 it is perfect. If someone wants to run the new hoppers on their Flyer layout all you have to do is change the wheel sets. No big deal really.



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