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I've seen some excellent YouTube vids where the modeller was using a Scale Ruler to accurately scratch build O Scale buildings.

When you are designing buildings and detail stuff do you bother with these?
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Scale rulers also allow you to use the HO plans in model magazines, for example, to build O scale items. Measure the length on the HO plan using the HO ruler. Then, transfer that number of actual feet and inches to your work using the O scale ruler.

Many scale rulers come with multiple scales for this purpose.

When you get used to using the scale ruler, you will find yourself thinking in terms of scale feet and inches instead of actual inches. You will be thinking, let me cut that scale 2x4 to 4'6" in length instead of to 1-1/8".

Also, if you want accurate dimensions, stay away from the downloadable versions that you print out yourself. They are OK for rough estimates, but you can't beat a good metal scale ruler with multiple scales if you intend to do any amount of model building. Smile

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One point, though...HO is not 1/8" to the foot in scale. It's close. But 3.5mm to the foot is the more precise definition of HO scale as employed by most quality manufacturers. That will be a subtle difference found in model railroad scale rules but not on an architectural rule.

Exactly, O is 6.35mm to the foot, learn to work in millimeters and you only need one ruler.

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So I bought this SS scale ruler off eBay. Looking forward to scratch building trestles, buildings etc... Smile


Ideal item to quickly verify the size of all types of lumber and small plastic stock.

Convert Drill sizes and direct measure in Scale feet.

A Necessary Addition to HO or N Scale or O Scale LAYOUT for Quicly and Acccurately Sizing Scale Lumber and dimensions in scale feet directly off the Etched Gradiants without having to do conversions.

Slotted Ruler Template etched into the steel in HO Scale, O Scale and N Scale foot dimension allowing you to simply read the scale foot length directly off the ruler.

A must for making Quality Scale Models.


12 inch Gradiated Ruler
Flexible Stainless Steel
Front Side features
HO Scale foot measure from 1 to 86 scale feet
O Scale foot measure from 1 to 47 scale feet
S Scale foot measure from 1 to 64 scale feet

Back Side Features
N Scale foot measure from 1 to 80 Scale feet
1/64th inch measure from 1 to 5 inches by 64th of an inch
Millimeter measure from 1 to 100 millimeters
Screw, Tap and Drill sizing Chart from 11-90 to 6-32
Decimal Equivalent Chart for Numbered Drill Bits
Bit size displayed from #1 to #80 bit
Good impact resistance
Can be used to Check parts dimensions

Got 3 or 4 of the steel ones in the shop just I can find at least one with some reliability when I need it the most.


Then again, I generally just cut long and sand everything to fit since cutting to fit seems to be getting harder and harder to do these days.....even with new lenses,

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