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Love your video's Steve.  Oh that K4 is worth saving for sure.  The hard parts your missing are all the side rods and valve gear.  Those Lobaugh drivers might work if the diameter is ok.  I think the SC engines use 3/16ths axles (0.1875").  I keep a watch out for driver castings over hear and buy em when I see em if they are cheap enough.

This little ugly fellow showed up on my doorstep a week or so ago in not much better shape that yours.  Maybe just that it has drivers and half its siderods lol.

Bob T., This picture shows what I am missing on this loco,  The left side main rod, cross head and what ever else.  Basically everything but the side rod.  I'll shoot you an email.



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I thought you were only missing a side rod.  That was easy.  I will check for main rod, but I am quite sure no crossheads around here - I had to make the last set (not difficult; it is a plate soldered to a dowel).  Valve gear rods are even easier - all you need is .032 brass, a new file, and a vice.  A #63 drill is the first step, then you just trim 'till it looks right.

Hello all 

 1940 SC catalog ...K4 chassis now sold with drivers attached ..the single piece frame had arrived ...

SC found it cheaper / more reliable if they put the drivers on ..less pieces ..less chance of user "error" ...  also  reverse unit that use to hang under cab now disguised as the smoke stack ...just give it a twist . 

The center axle drive / single piece chassis on the K4 ...seem to be the harder one to find ..being introduced in 1940 ..everything stops spring of 42 .....not too many were made the O scale market was probably K4 saturated.... SC selling them since 1933  , and offered by Icken , Icken/ Barker, Egolf,  Alexander , MiLoco , Scale Railway Models , and a few much smaller outfits from as early as 1926 ...    all these other K4's by the other manufacturers are much harder to find than the SC versions .. 

Cheers Carey 

yes the smoke stack knob has been installed up side down ...clever these builders ..and you wonder why  SC just installed the drivers not trusting that to the end user .....




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Yes, agreed.  So far of the five complete K4's I've owned, three were early frames and two were the later frames. I've gotten the reverse switch in the stack on a couple of them as well including an earlier frame version.  Both my  SP Mountains have the reverse switch in the stack.  It is amazing to ponder just how many K4's Scale craft may have produced over that lifespan.  I know Bob has owned plenty of them and he doesn't even focus on Scale craft.  I am sure you have more than a handful and I have four now with my eyes open for more of them for some reason. 

Most of the deals I find on them is because they are not advertised even remotely correctly and I have a keen eye for searching.  Heck I once found a spare CLW H10 complete frame in a pile of junk listed under American Flyer S gauge.  I just happened to spy it and knew what it was because I knew I needed one!!  Knowledge is key then comes timing and luck lol


I'll add, the one piece frame may have come a bit earlier as my unbuilt K4 did not have a pre assembled boiler but did have what I think was a factory assembled chassis.  So assuming my loco "kit" actually left the factory together originally, that might suggest the one piece frame started before 1938 when they advertised the pre assembled boiler.  Then again, they could have still offered the craftsman kits lol who knows.   All I know is I like K4's!!

Below, later-ish one piece frame I think factory assembled but without factory built up boiler.  Probably a good thing looking at that tender!!


This one might be the ugliest one ever built.  I am not sure what the builder was thinking when he did the boiler.  The tender is pretty crude as well.  It's really more tinplate-ish than scale-ish.... part of the reason I like it lol Three piece frame on this one.FF0BD052-EC6F-4FE1-8D6C-25D20A9F77FB

This is the one I sent to Daniel in France, it was an early three piece frame as well.SC%20K4-3


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You are right - great thread.  I have four K4s, plus two extra functioning mechanisms, plus one mechanism under a Reading G1.  Since Dennis keeps showing us his red K4, I guess I have to re-post mine - I checked, and could not find it posted before in this thread.

Red K4Scale craftAlexander K4Mostly Alexander, with USH tenderReading Pacific [2)Scratch Reading with Scale Craft mechanism.


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Yeah and it's got a nice set of wheels on it too .  Been inventorying my doorstop cars, up to 32 Scale craft so far but I have a few more boxes to go through.  I know there are some more lol.  

I just got lucky the other day and found these SC Hudson drawings as throw ins  with a wild pile of Athearn box car parts listed in Mixed lots basically just by luck.  This will be good for me to help with the valve gear on  my Hudson lol.




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