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I'm using SCARM to tweak a layout that I originally designed using Ross track.  In order to make some of the transitions smoother, I would prefer to use flex track.  Unfortunately, Ross doesn't offer flex track.  But GarGraves, which is 100% compatible with Ross, DOES have a flex track that can be selected from the Gargraves library.  It can be manipulated using the Flex tool, and of course it will snap to the existing Ross track in SCARM.

So my question for @Mixy and other experts:  Is there any way that I can permanently "add" the GarGraves Flex to the Ross library, so that I don't have to toggle between libraries when I'm designing?  If not, can you add the GarGraves Flex to the Ross library in a future release?   Thanks in advance!

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I’d love to be able to make custom libraries using specific tracks from multiple libraries, particularly Ross/GarGraves. In the interim, I simply copy the needed track(s), like the GG flex track, and set it off to the side of the design. When I need to add it to the design, I copy/paste and move/connect it to the applicable track. Then I select Reshape from the right-click menu. In the case of the flex, this only works with a fresh copy of the track or a copy of one that’s already been shaped, but doesn’t have the dot in it. That means it’s still a continuous track without any change in direction.

@Ted S Currently there is no way for the user to make a custom-defined library in SCARM, so the best what can be done is to have the various tracks placed in the project aside from the real track plan, like Dave suggests.

Unfortunately, I can't add a GarGraves (on any other) track to another library as that will lead to confusions for the other users.


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