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You do have options. Most of the rail CAD programs like SCARM or RR modeller run on windows. With the MAC, there are ways to run windows software,bootcamp, parallels and there is another program whose name escapes me (pretty easy to look that up on the web).  It isn't necessarily hard to run windows on a mac, but it does take setup work and I believe boot camp and parallels will require you to also purchase a copy of windows 10.

I use a mac and I use railmodeller pro and I found it to be easy to use and met my needs. I tried Scarm and RR track and honestly had trouble using them (a lot of that is on me, graphic design programs are not something I do well with), I didn't find them the least bit intuitive. Given my needs were simple (no grades, I didn't do any 3d modelling, etc) it is possible railmodeller would not work as well as Scarm or RR track software.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the modeling programs, they all have learning curves and they all work just a little differently so as not to infringe on copyrights. The main reason to try to run SCARM on a Mac is there are more folks on the forum that use it, so you’d get more direct help with actual examples, etc. I believe RailModeller Pro has an express version that will let you try it before you buy the full version.

Hello to another vintage Mac Pro user.

The old 2010/2012 Mac Pros were beasts in their day and it is amazing how many are still being used.  I use it as my main PC and have it set to multi boot.

The multi boot option or Bootcamp as others stated above will allow you to run Windows so you could then run SCARM.

The Mac program Railmodeller Pro sounds like the option if you do not want to multi boot or install a Virtual Machine program like Parallels, VMWare or Virtual Box. Virtual Box is free while the other 2 Virtual Machine products you have to purchase.

Please let us know what you decide to do and how it worked out for you.

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