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I want to buy three scenery items from Scenery Express that cost around $27.   When I ask for a shipping estimate their site tells me it is $18.49 for regular shipping which to me is absurd given the items weigh maybe two ounces and would fit in a large envelope.  Any suggestions on where else to buy or how to get a more reasonable shipping cost from them?


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There's this neat invention called the telephone - give them a call and have a discussion.   I'm in PA, they're in CO. They pack things well so they don't get damaged in shipping so your $18.49 shipping quote is not outside of the norm.   In one instance, one of the items I purchased was a large grass mat - they had no problem bending it in half and shipping with my other items vs a 36" tube.   I was just going to cut it up anyway.


This is a nice topic, Scenic Express used to have a large display at York, a show stopper display and they carry some of the finest scenery materials ever to be found,  and they are friendly and will work with you. When you call them, tell them Leapin Larry says hi.
And my suggestion is to order as many items as you need, the shipping cost will be well worth the cost. Good luck, Happy Railroading Everyone

In my opinion Train Express is by far the best company to do business with. I too am sorry they no longer come to York but I understand their decision. I was one of the first customers when they set up at York in the old building that served as a site for buggy racing. They were downstairs and rain would come into the area. They are great folks and I am glad to consider them as friends. This will be my 90th trip to York if I make it and I do plan to be in the RED HALL as I have been for several years. ENJOY !

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