AVATAR - DAVE GUUSSThis Scenery Source List was compiled
by the late Dave Gauss, a long time
OGR Forum member.

Dave passed away on December 11, 2017, after a short bout with cancer. His legacy lives on in this extensive list of scenery resources for the model railroader. We thank Dave for the work and research he did to compile this terrific list.

Alan Arnold, CEO-Publisher
OGR Publishing, Inc.

Web addresses marked with # means they may no longer be in business.

How-to Clinics:

 MWB'S SUGGESTION FOR RESIN CASTING - How to's and materials 

JOE FUGATE'S TEN MILE CREEK SERIES - Ez method of great looking deciduous trees

TRACKSIDE SCENERY- "How-to tutorials, "Scenic backdrops, background flats, displays, and structures.

OGR Soldering Tutorial   http://ogrdigital.uberflip.com...-soldering-made-easy
MONSTER MODEL WORKS - How-to's. O gauge building detail parts.
PAUL SCOLES Outstanding "how-to" video of the simple, E-Z scenery techniques used on Paul's Sn3 layout. Very thorough and well done.
3-RAIL BLOGSPOT - This site was established by a few Forumites to preserve some of the excellent "how-to" Projects which we hope will encourage you to try projects you can use on your layout.
THIS TO THAT  Reference for bonding and glues
ALUMILITE   Alumilite casting tutorial
SMOOTH-ON  Liquid rubber for mold making.
ALL MODEL RAILROADING   Great links to useful modeling info
SIERRA WEST SCALE MODELS  Logging details, how-to's, Craftsman kits.
RUSTY STUMPS INC  good how-to on weathering stripwood in addition to selling of many useful details.
RAILROAD CLINIC   Step-by-step tutorial on building structures using Foamcore
HOW TO MAKE ROCK FORMATIONS     Excellent tutorial using foam to replicate rock formations.
MINIART MODELS    Mostly 1/35 military, but a good "how-to" clinic on painting structures, inc dry-brushing and "salt" method of adding texture.
ERICS TRAINS   A good series of "how-to videos on a variety of scenery topics. Worth a look, 
PACIFIC COAST STAIRLINE   Tutorials on various scenery techniques.

Scratch Building Supplies:
DEBENS LLC - home for Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium Weathering & Scratchbuilding Products and Scale Model Masterpieces formerly Thomas A. Yorke Ent. Structures & Accessories Kits.
HARBOR BELT LINES - Offering detail parts, roofing fire escapes, etc. buildings too.
JV-MODELS - Wall sections, also wood structure kits,
C.C.CROW PRODUCTS   Hydrocal parts, Also owners of Builders-in-Scale Products.
CHOOCH ENTERPRISES   Ultra-scale line are hi-end, unique buildings. Several other detail items. (Also owns DSL Shops)  Unique facades of O & S scale buildings.
K&S PRECISION  METALS   A variety of brass and aluminum shapes of tubing, rod, flat, and etched items for scratchbuilding, etc.
MIDWEST PRODUCTS   Source of micro-dimensional lumber and building kits.
KAPPLER LUMBER    Micro lumber products, dimentional, special.
PLASTRUCT PRODUCTS   Styrene sheets & shapes. Plastic kits.
EVERGREEN SCALE MODELS  Styrene shapes and stock.
MT. ALBERT SCALE MODELS  Micro lumber and Hi-end building kits.
HOBBYCAST   Various products for DIY casting.
THE N ARCH  Offers an assortment walls, sheet goods for O as well as other scales.
OSO RAIL   Real cedar shingles, cast details, Evergreen Hill Models.
RUSTY STUMPS   Hi-end building kits, brick and roofing sheets and street details. Industrial factory windows.
MODEL BUILDERS SUPPLY   Building supplies inc. brick sheets, scenic materials, and other items.


Craftsman Kits:

TRACKSIDE SCENERY- "How-to tutorials, "Scenic backdrops, background flats, displays, and structure.

HRM LASER MODELS -   Laser cut station in O gauge, so far. Several HO models
CAROLINA CRAFTSMAN -  Wood craftsman(simple to assemble) kits
STONEY CREEK DESIGNS   Limited edition high quality structures, roofing, etc
KORBER MODELS   nice classic industrial buildings. Upgraded & new tooling.
THOMAS A. YORKE MODELS - unique, high quality models , buildings, old cars, etc
JV-MODELS - Wall sections, wood structure kits, Suncoast &, John Rendell models
MOUNT BLUE MODELS -  Offers many structures and detail parts for O, on30, etc.
DEERFIELD LASER   O & S gauge structure kits
BRANCHLINE TRAINS   Several O scale buildings,, nicely done.
DOWNTOWN DECO   Limited edition Hydrocal building kits
DPM KITS   Building kits and components. Also a good clinic on "weathering" buildings. Owned by Woodland Scenics.
BAR MILLS MODELS   Laser-cut building kits, detail and weathering powders.
TWIN WHISTLE   A variety of unique quality buildings and detail castings.
B.T.S.   Hi-end craftsman building kits
LASER KIT   American Model Builders kits and details
RUSTY STUMPS   Building kits and details
PINE CANYON SCALE MODELS   Gas Station kits and detail castings
BUILDERS IN SCALE   Hi-end buildings, now owned by C.C.Crow
CROW RIVER PRODUCTS   Hi-end kits(nautical themes)
BANTA MODEL WORKS   Several different skill level building kits
MULLET RIVER MODEL WORKS   Detailed wooden caboose, freight car and hi-end building kits
WESTERN SCALE MODELS   Western-themed hi-end models and interior
WESTPORT MODEL WORKS   Hi-end building kits, walls, and details, detailed building backdrops.
BRENNAN MODELS   Different types of ballast, Hydrocal building kits, weathering items.
AMERITOWNE KITS   EZ to build Ameritowne buildings(1/4" clean castings) and detail parts. Also tools,wire,etc.
VALLEY MODEL TRAINS   A favorite site and great collective source for other manufacturers products
MT. ALBERT MODELS   Micro lumber and Hi-end, limited issue building kits
OSO RAILS   Evergreen hill models, Northwest Short Line, details, cedar shingles
WILD WEST MODELS   Western-themed wooden kits for many gauges
SIERRA WEST SCALE MODELS   Logging details, how-to's, Craftsman kits
CREATIVE LASER DESIGN   Nicely designed assorted kits for several gauges, inc O scale.
G.C.LASER   laser-cut products inc, beautiful "J" tower, trellis, stockyard ramps, benches,etc
OSBORN MODEL KITS   Model boats, RR signage, whistle monuments, etc.
SCHOMBERG SCALE MODELS   Kits and details in Hydrocal and resin.
TURNER MODEL PRODUCTS   Milepost models, Turner details
* No website -K&P Brick and Building - Coal mining kits, gantry crane, coal elevator, contact: (717) 747-0493

Scenery Products: Ballast, grass material, trees etc. 

COASTMANS SCENIC PRODUCTS - Trees, scenery materials,

How to build a beautiful tree.   http://www.freerails.com/view_...orum_id=4&page=1

CONWAY COAL  - Conway Coal loads, loose coal, figures.
JTT MICROSCALE - Sheet goods, trees, scenery products
* no website: Smith & Son Ballast, 13630 G.A.R. Hwy, Chardon, OH 44024 (440)-286-4890 Coal, ballast, etc. ,
CARPE DIEM   Variety of scenic and other products for kitbashing/building. Figures, etc.
WOODLAND SCENICS    Scenic materials, hydrocal, plaster cloth, figures, "how-to" videos, etc.
BRAGDON ENTERPRISES   Bragdon Foam Scenery System Scenery products, weathering powders, etc
BRENNAN MODEL RR   Different types of ballast, hydrocal building kits, weathering items
BAR MILLS    Laser-cut signage, building kits, detail and weathering powders
MICRO-MARK   Small, useful tool source, some scenic and detail items
MODEL RECTFIER CORP.    O gauge trees in 3 series of quality. Also sell transformers.
TRUE SCENERY   A modeling material that adds texture to scenery.
TIMBERLINE SCENERY   trees, ground cover, etc.
STMRR SCENERY    variety of hand-made trees.
STERLING MODELS   Source for handmade trees rock castings used by Forumite Don Klose
CANYON CREEK SCENICS   Well-made, hi-quality conifer and pine trees.
EZ WATER   Very realistic water modeling system. EZ to use with great results.

Detail Parts:

PRECISION SCALE -  Detail parts, scratch building products

BERKSHIRE VALLEY MODELS - New owners, many detail parts and kits 

IRISHTRACKLAYER    lots of detail parts to super-detail your project or locomotives.
MOUNT BLUE MODELS -  Offers many structures and detail parts for O, on30, etc.
*No website, Don Lawrence,  narrow152@hotmail.com  has several detailed parts, figures for O gauge and O narrow gauges.

CLOVER HOUSE    Detail parts, dry letter decals, real window glass, etc
BOWSER    Figures, Selley cast details, turntables and power trucks
WESTPORT MODELS    Hi-end building kits, walls, and details
SC MODEL WORKS    Variety of freight car loads. Nice coal loader & unloader. Hydrocal kits.  Handmade loads and details for rail cars. Also a line of Hydrocal buildings.
REAL CUSTOM RAILROADS    Corky & Sharon Dozier offer custom buildings, interiors, & vignettes.
GRANDTLINE  Wide selection of windows, doors architectural detail parts, Figures, etc
TICHY TRAIN GROUP    Building details, windows, doors, fire escapes etc.
Q CAR COMPANY    Street details, underbody parts, truck side frames, trolley items, etc
SIERRA WEST    Logging details
Tomar was sold to  P.F. & S. Railway Supply, Inc.  Passenger car drumheads, Adlake lantern lighting, Hayes wheel stops,etc. No website contact store directly
RUSTY STUMPS   Hi-end building kits and details
MODEL TECH STUDIOS   Hi-end building kits, and detail products
TWIN WHISTLE   A variety of unique quality buildings and detail castings.
BUILDERS IN SCALE   Hi-end buildings, now owned by C.C.Crow
VALLEY MODEL TRAINS   A favorite site and great collective source for other manufacturers products
WALTHERS   A great distributor of all scales, details, some kits and build-up structures
RUSTY RAIL   variety of castings, ie, nice groups inc, junk piles, work benches, shelving, crates, etc
WISEMAN CASTINGS   Wiseman products inc. detail castings and kits of motors, cars, logging stuff. rolling stock, loads, etc.
P&D HOBBY SHOP   Lots of brass & plastic parts for super-detailing. Though primarily a 2 rail O scale supplier, don't miss contacting Pat for unique needs. Atlas F units are upgraded tooling from P&D.
SCHOMBERG SCALE MODELS   Kits and details in Hydrocal and resin.
BLAIR LINE PRODUCTS   Laser-cut signs, grade crossings, structures.
MODEL MEMORIES   O scale tell-tails, catenary poles, some brass-etched parts street details
SAN JUAN CAR COMPANY   Narrow gauge kits and parts.
PROTOCRAFT   Parts for Proto 48 as well as O scale, decals
SPECIAL SHAPES    Brass Hex bar stock
WILD HARE MODELS   Awesome, ornate brass fire escapes, etc.
VECTOR CUT PRODUCTS   Laser cut O scale detail items inc, tools, fasteners, handwheels, weather vanes, etc.

Bridges , Track & Turntables:

MILLHOUSE RIVER STUDIOS    Precision-built turntables, transfer tables and upgrade kits.
ROSS SWITCHES     Offering high quality trackage, switches, transfer tables and turntables.

BRIDGE BOSS  A variety of laser-cut bridges, and train shed kits.
BLACK BEAR BRIDGES    Wood bridge kits
HUNTER LINE   Wooden trestles and tunnel fascia
MODEL STRUCTURES INC.   Wood bridges, trestles, built-up trackside structures. etc

MINT MODELS - More quality vehicles
EAUTOMOBILIA  - Variety of quality model vehicles
AMERICAN EXCELLENCE   Supplier of high quality cars, generally in the 1970's time frame. Some are unique models.
DIECAST DIRECT    A Large selection of diecast vehicles at many price points.
DOMINION MODELS   Hi-end diecast vehicles
ASHVILLE DIECAST    Diecast vehicles
3000 TOYS   Diecast cars, trucks, construction equipment, etc.
DEERFIELD DRIVER LASER   A variety of boats, barges, scows, etc.
FRENCHMAN RIVER PRODUCTS   Nautical models and details, awning kits etc.
SYLVAN SCALE MODELS - Nautical items and rolling stock.
OSBORN MODEL KITS   boats, crossbucks, pallets, other details.

HAY BROTHERS -  Assorted figures, inc: WWII soldiers, American Indians, prospectors, animals, military vehicles, etc.
ASPEN MODELLING CO.   Figures , livestock, Western theme.
MACKENZIE IRON & STEEL    Figures, vehicles mainly logging/western theme.
METAL FIGURES    Hand painted metal figures
SCALE FIGURES   Unique hand made figures.
KRAMER PRODUCTS   Figures for O gauge, sporting figures; golf, baseball, football, etc.
WOODLAND SCENICS    Scenic materials, Hydrocal, plaster cloth, figures etc.
GRANDTLINE   Source of windows, doors architectural detail parts, Figures, etc
C.C.CROW   Hydrocal parts, Also owners of Builders-in-Scale, figures
TOWN & COUNTRY HOBBIES   Small structures, pewter figures, signs,etc.

Furniture and interior items:

SHAPEWAYS - 3D printed furniture and items.

SUPERIOR DOLLHOUSE FURNITURE -  !/4" furniture and accessories.
VIRTUAL DOLLHOUSE FURNITURE -  Many details in 1/4" scale
THE MINI SHOP   Dollhouse building supplies, Scale dimensional lumber etc.
MINIATURES BY RICK - Detail parts, animal figures, inc. eagles.
THE QUARTER SOURCE Source for 1/4" scale dollhouse furniture and related items.

Electronic/Electrical Components and sound applications:

 *no website: Source of "glo-wire" for "neon" signs.

TOMAR INDUSTRIES -  Drumheads, Adlake marker lights, semaphores, signal lights

EVANS DESIGNS    Great values on pre-wired LEDs (welding, flashing, etc.) and LED types and colors. Led lighting for passenger cars. Wiring, too. Very helpful people and sponsers of the Forum..
THE SCALE TIN RAIL   QSI upgrades, other electronic repairs and products.
BOULDER CREEK ENGINEERING   Hot box detectors, track weighing scales. Thanks, Drew
BULB TOWN   Supplier of small lighting supplies.
MINIATRONICS   connectors, lighting, electrical items.
MILLER ENGINEERING   Miller Engineering,(A OGRR Forum supporter)designs and sells Animated and illuminated billboards, signs and more.
ELECTRIC RR  Designs and sells electronic boards for several applications inc. operating cars, command control & sound upgrades, speed control. Lionel product
ITT PRODUCTS   Offers many sound modules for added realism and fun on your layout.
Z STUFF   Simple to install and scale sized Trackside signals and sensors. Great products.
MODEL TRAIN SOFTWARE   Neat E-Z to use computer programs for buildings, window treatments, pre-wired LEDs, advertising signage, window inserts and decal paper for use in your computer.
ALL ELECTRONICS   electrical supplies, recordable sound modules, many useful items for model railroads.
BERKSHIRE JUNCTION   Detection devices, E-Z elastic Telephone line, traffic lights, etc.
CUSTOM SIGNALS   Several styles of railroad signals
DALLEE ELECTRONICS   sound systems, E-units, LEDs, etc.
AZATRAK   Supplies circuit boards to control signals, gates, etc.
LEONARDS TRAFFIC LIGHTS   Realistic traffic signals.
X OXIDE   Mini flourscent lights, etc.
S B SIGNALS    a variety of RR signals, traffic signals, etc.
MILLHOUSE RIVER STUDIOS   Precision turntables, transfer tables, and upgrade kits.
TRAIN ELECTRICS LLC -  - Formerly Scotts odds & ends, Electrical items.

Other Model Services:
EVANS DESIGNS   Evan Designs offers E-Z to use computer programs for printing buildings, window treatments, advertising signage, and window inserts. They offer pre-wired LEDs and decal paper for use in ink-jet printers. Their Modelbuilder Software upgrade download available to install. Also a trial model building is available to download for FREE. A OGR Forum sponser.

Tools, Fasteners, Adhesives:

JANES TOOLS - Variety of tools and products for your railroad

BONDIC - Method of bonding plastic for repairs and creating stuff.

SUPER 'PHATIC GLUE  -  UK product available from Walthers & Riders Flint, Mi. Other useful RR items.
MICROMARK   Small, useful tool source, some scenic and detail items
MICRO FASTENERS   Miniature nuts, bolts and fasteners. Great service.
NORTHWEST SHORTLINE    Gears, wheelsets, etc.
WIDGET SUPPLY CO   Hobby and jewelry tools and supplies.
SPECIAL SHAPES    Brass Hex bar stock for simulated bolts/nuts
CARLS TOY TRAINS    Carl's tools for repairing trains.
THE TRAIN TENDER   parts supplier for Lionel and AF , etc. trains

Cardstock Sources:
BIG INDOOR TRAINS -  Free, downloadable building fronts, other "how-to"s on scenery, trees, etc
FIDDLERS GREEN    Buildings, lighthouses,etc
JIMS PRINTABLE MINIS   Jims Printable minis, FREE downloads of caution & hazard signs, 1/4" scale paper items, wallpaper, bricks, etc.
CLEVER MODELS -   Cardstock buildings, textured papers, etc.
MAYANGS FREE TEXTURES   Free downloads of various architechural textures, like brick, stone, roofing, etc.
WESTPORT MODELS   Walls, details, modular building backdrops, external and internal architectural resin castings for buildings.
EVANS DESIGNS   Neat, E-Z to use computer programs for buildings, brick and stonework, roofing material, window treatments, pre-wired LEDs, advertising signage, window inserts computer decal paper. An OGR Forum Sponser.
*Pioneer Valley Models, no website, ph# 413-533-5350

Decals & Scenic Backdrops:

LB ENTERPRISES -  Waterslide decals O & S.

RAILGRAPHICS - Decals for all gauges.

PTF DESIGNS -  Nice background buildings of old industrial buildings and facades mounted on foam board. Could be overlapped for depth.
TRACKSIDE SCENERY - "How-to tutorials, "Scenic backdrops, background flats, displays, and structures.
Decals for Mil Rd. and other O products.
ARCHER TRANSFERS    Rivet decals for detailing.
HIGHBALL GRAPHICS    Limited selection of east coast decals in O gauge.
MICROSCALE DECALS   Decals for many railroads and other items.
CLOVERHOUSE   Decals, some detail parts, sheet stryene, real glass for glazing windows.
GREAT DECALS   A source for several decal suppliers
PULSAR PRODUCTS   Making Dry Transfer Decals
SCENIKING BACKGROUNDS   Products include a variety of printed backgrounds for O, S, HO, and N scales.
ALL SCALE BACKGROUNDS   Variety of backdrops useful in several scales.
FARMING DECALS   Source of farm/agricultural decals, vehicles and attachments in several scales.
PROTOCRAFT   Selected decals, parts and tools for Proto:48 scale. wheelsets, trucks, etc.
**"Ghost decals" weathered decals.  No website email thorn142002@hotmail.com EZ to use weathered decals email him for prices/assortment.

VC SIGNS -  Old gas signage
TIME & SEASONS - Useful source of RR logos, advertising, highway signs, etc.
ALL POSTERS - select "vintage" for old signage.
OLD SIGN COLLECTION FROM PAUL STRICKLAND - collected by Paul Strickland for our use.
PAPER STUFF - Source of commercial labels for detailing crates, cans, building sides, etc.
RETRO PLANET - A variety of printable signage for building sides, fences, windows or free-standing.
JIMS PRINTABLE MINIS - FREE downloads of caution & hazard Signs, 1/4" scale paper items, wallpaper, bricks, etc.
RF SIGNS - Signage used in broadcast industry.
SIGN GENERATOR - Free signs & stuff to download & print.
FREE BILLBOARDS FOR YOUR LAYOUT - courtesy of Terry, a forum member
URBAN REMAINS - Look under vintage signs, but other neat stuff also, courtesy of Arthur P. Bloom.
US BEER LABELS - A source of beer advertising labels.
WORLD LICENSE PLATES   Source of free examples of license plates

Built-up, ready to use:
ACTION ANIMATIONS - wonderful, animated scenes custom-made for your layout. Good value for custom work.
MODEL BUILDING SERVICES - Stu Gralnik, custom builder of awesome scenes and buildings."Just like the real."
YOUR HOME on YOUR LAYOUT - Stock and custom built structures.
M&M SCALE STRUCTURES - Very nice scratch-built structures featured on Don Klose layout.
KRAMER PRODUCTS - Figures for O gauge, sporting figures; golf, baseball, football, etc. Animation, too.
LAYOUT REFINEMENTS - Frank Mullens website featuring realistic built-up scenes.

**no website, - Alan Graziano. Oil refineries and industrial complexes. Alan's email is tankboss2@earthlink.net

Great modelers websites - For great inspiration!

TRACKSIDE SCENERY - Great, simple "How-to tutorials. Also offering Scenic backdrops, background flats, displays, soon structures. Joey Ricard' s Spruce Coal & Timber RR.
Norm Charbonneau Norm's Blog
Gary Patterson's great layout, Cherel Valley RR
BLACK DIAMOND RR   Rich Batista's wonderful site covering building his Black Diamond RR.
Bob Bartzek's Pennsyvania and Western layout. Lots of "how-to" links





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