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I started some scenery on the layout yesterday. Not much so far but it is a start and I am continuing today.

Got this hardshell against a backdrop. I only have 3-5" of space behind the tracks here. I went out and ahot a few photos of pasture scenes to guide my backdrop painting.

I also got some roads down and the grade crossing in a yard/industrial area.

The trestle before and after


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Thanks for the compliment I consider that high praise from a modeler of your abilities.

There is a 6x12 that runs directly under the rail and use Walthers spikes. I may have missed with a couple of them but to tell the truth I have not looked to see Wink.

Originally posted by riogrande491:
Beautiful work, Malcolm!

Did you find unusually-short spikes or did you clip them off after spiking? The heads look pretty small so I'm guessing they did not penetrate the bottom of the ties. Your secret?

Thanks in advance.
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