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Built a few scratch-built bridges on our old layout in our mountain house back in 2010-13. The bridges may have been the most fun part of construction!


These Trestle bents are my childhood American Flyer pieces.DSC08756

The elevated bridge is masonite with balsa stringersDSC08953

Viaduct is about 14' in overall length and was given to me by the designer/builder as a custom piece that I painted and assembled. It really complimented the Hellgate bridge and we were featured on the cover of CTT Oct 2013DSC01848DSC01851DSC01867DSC02025


Images (7)
  • DSC08399
  • DSC08756
  • DSC08953
  • DSC01848
  • DSC01851
  • DSC01867
  • DSC02025
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Here are a few more. First is an overview of the south end of the layout. I want to show you the 6' double decker bridge (far left end view) I built from strip wood.DSC08985 copyDSC01516

Has 3 lines below and a single on top with a switch tower to watch everythingDSC04499 [1024x678)DSC04532DSC05973 [1024x681)

That's a Black GG1DSC08709DSC09807DSC09884DSC01884DSC02112DSC04612

Foreground is the 'Ket West Viaduct' long gone from hurricanes in the past. The Orange 'PostWar inspired' bridge is a fantasy model that I use as a display shelf DSC09915


Images (13)
  • DSC08985 copy
  • DSC01884
  • DSC02112
  • DSC04612
  • DSC09880
  • DSC09915
  • DSC01516
  • DSC04499 (1024x678)
  • DSC04532
  • DSC05973 (1024x681)
  • DSC08709
  • DSC09807
  • DSC09884

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