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 I struggled with which road for a long time. I settled on CSX #4843 and tried to copy it's detailing. I have a feeling I will try and make more someday. I want to do many more roads, and the NS Heritage versions too.

 Thanks guys!! This is humbling. There are flaws that bug me so I overlook them the best I can. I wish I could have made it out of brass panels.

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So lately people have asked to see close ups of my work. Trouble is the engines were never finished. Once they hit the rails to earn their keep, they haven't gone back in for the rest of their detailing. I haven't done much, but I started a list of what it will take to finish each of the 4 different 1/32 scale engines.

 Here, I just got a start on the SD70ACe with some home made number boards and another part of the decaling on the nose.


Each engine needs a lot of the detailing finished. This is tougher in the summer when I finally get to run long consists outside rather than sitting in the basement to finish these projects. The video below is of 3 of the 4 engines. The CSX MP15 switcher build didn't make the power pool this day!

I want to thank Alan ( and the OGR) for unlocking this old post and giving me a place to share some of the work!



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I'll say it again, it is humbling, at the least, to have my favorite modelers tell me that I'm doing a good job here! 

Gene, there's so much to contend with outside, that I also have a G scale layout in the basement right below the O scale. That allows me to run year round.

I enjoy the O scale 2 rail. My heart stayed with the bigger G scale that I hope someday, will catch up with more releases of modern equipment.

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