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Please bear in mind that I am definitely not an artist or in any way skilled in model making.  Here is my first attempt making a tree.  I used the twisted wire armature method.  I coated the bare wire with latex rubber prior to painting.  Unfortunately I did not coat the wire sufficiently to cover the obvious twist in the wire trunk.  Live and learn.  I have three more armatures built but I am going to re-coat the latex rubber before adding the greenery. I learned this process by watching Luke Towan videos on youtube. His work is amazing.

1st Tree

Here is a tree trunk after latex application and spray paint. Notice you can still see that it is made from twisted wire:


Back to the drawing board.  I re-coated the three tree armatures with a thick layer of latex:

dfrying trees

Once the latex rubber is fully dried I will paint them flat earth brown and apply the foliage.

Here are the products I am using.

Spray adhesive--used for attaching foliage.

spray adhesive

To get a more realistic look, I used several different foliage.


Bare wire before latex application:

bare wire tree

So I used some old floral wire that I have had for probably 30 years (or longer). I don't even remember why I bought it originally. I have made four trees and as you see, I have barely made a dent in my supply.  Here is the wire I am using:



Images (7)
  • 1st Tree: Finished tree
  • tree2: Painted twisted wire tree armature--wire still too evident
  • drying trees: Tree armatures re-coated in Woodland Scenics Latex rubber.
  • spray adhesive
  • variousfoliages
  • bare wire tree
  • treewire
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