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Bought an old wooden kit from the bay on a whim… it was in an old Walthers envelope, but the number on the envelope appears to indicate it was a caboose, but there’s no way these parts are a caboose. I basically bought the sides, ends, top and bottom of a box roughly the size of an o gauge boxcar. I’m going to turn it into an “old timey” boxcar. I’ve picked up a few supplies and got started…


I figured I’d put this in the “toy trains” section (as opposed to the 3RS section) because it’s not going to be a scale model of any particular boxcar (more of a generic representation), and I plan on putting 3 rail trucks under it… I do plan on attempting to put a fair amount of details on it though…


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I made some grab irons… and set the boxcar on some 2 rail trucks and added some Kadee’s… now that I see it on the 2 rail trucks I don’t know if I could live with lobster claws and pizza cutters on this build…


(I know the lighting isn’t good, I’ll get some better pics tomorrow…)

I’m thinking about building a short section of hand-laid 2 rail track and making this a display piece for now…

Edit- this thread probably belongs in the 2 rail forum since I’ve changed my mind about putting 3 rail trucks under the car and decided to go 2 rail…


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Here’s a few more pictures…


I think I’m going to move the trucks a little closer to the ends of the car, then I can fill in the missing sections of the frame. I used the frame (and trucks) from a caboose, so the trucks were set further in from the ends to clear the steps on the caboose, and the overall length was way too short…


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