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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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I recently got nstalgic and dug out some of my childhood ho trains that still exist.  Mostly they were a mix of AHM and Athearn. This was also my first layout from 1972 on a little 3.5X5 board maybe.  Single loop brass track and I think even a couple of Casadio switches I swear one owas a curved switch too lol.  You can see the AHM MDT SF switcher on the back of the layout pulling a couple of Athearn reefers.  My first two chemical tank cars were AHM in the foreground and we had the Arlee station and Sandhouse as well as that cool sawmill in the middle there.  Great memories.  The MDT switcher was my dads and he also got an AHM Bowker which I still have.  I also have a few of the cars as well as I have tried to find and replace all the cars we had then,  I still have both Bluebox pre flywheel SF F7 and GP 35 as well and the Red cam UP Athearn 200 ton crane with an Erie 200 ton flat..  Anyway just the other night I saw this Reno set and put a bid on it and ended  up winning it... Shortly followed another Bowker and a set of KCStL&C Red coaches for the Bowker's. This first one is my dad's and the one in th box is the one I just found.  Interestingly my dad's is the Pocher tender drive version and the one in the box is the Rivarossi version with the motor in the cab.


  313368366_2013219898884283_5958540740466093807_n313910066_2013219888884284_4037692151747328141_nAHM V&T carsAHM V&T set boxAHM V&T setAHMset GenoaBowkerBowker-1Bowker-2GenoaKCS&S cars


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Thanks for sharing.  AHM made some really nice stuff.  The Rivarossi locomotives and rolling stock were probably the best but the Mehano (I hope I got the name right) was right up there too - IIRC, most of the Mehano production was licensed by Rivarossi but made in Yugoslavia.  I enjoyed the summer sales.  Somewhere I have either the July or August 1967 Model Railroader that had the double-page advertisement for one of these sales.  I was able to buy what seemed like a lot of rolling stock to me (including HOn2-1/2 MiniTrains) because the discounts were so large.  I liked the metal wheels on the rolling stock and the large flanges didn't bother me because they operated fine on my code 100 Atlas snap-track layout.  I especially liked the AHM full-length heavyweight coach.  That was the first heavyweight passenger car I owned that looked right.

Great back story and photos.  Thanks for sharing, but be careful.  That HO itch can turn into a rash as attested to by HO trains in my display cases, loops and stub sidings of HO track on my layout, and membership in a local HO club that never existed just a few years ago.  All of which started when I dug out some Tyco and Mantua HO trains from my childhood.  Then I bought some Rivarossi, added DCC to the layout, and branched out into more classic and modern brands.  See, that itch can spread pretty fast.  If so, you'll love it.  HO has a virtually endless variety of new and old locomotives and rolling stock to enjoy.  

Rivarossi really did up the game in HO locomotives back in the day.  When the primary players were Mantua/Tyco, Bowser/Penn Line with their diecast or high doller brass.  Their Heisler logging engine still runs and holds up better than anything Bachmann has made in recent years for the logging modelers. Rare to see one of the Heislers that doesnt run.   I have one of the Casey Jones ten wheelers, with a NWSL regear kit in it so it will run at realistic slower speeds.   The missmatch in gear ration to the motor was the only real downfall to the Rivarossi line.  Stick one of the regear kits in and they run sooo much better.  I also have one of the deluxe USRA 0-6-0's thats been regeared.  Rarely run now, but memories of my years modeling in HO scale at the local club.   AD

I recently got nstalgic and dug out some of my childhood ho trains that still exist. ...  You can see the AHM MDT SF switcher on the back of the layout ...I313910066_2013219888884284_4037692151747328141_n

I had AHM, Rivarossi, Tyco, and Cox HO cars and locos in the early to mid 70s. Many I bought at Two Guys department store. I think the freight cars were about $1 and the 0-4-0 docksider and MDT Switcher were maybe $3.99? Good times. Sadly I abused them and there were few that survived the trauma in one piece. The running gear on the B&O 0-4-0 and the Reading MDT Switcher were destroyed, yet I kept them all these years. In the last year and a half I dusted off the HO layout that was last worked on circa 1994 and have memorialized these engines as "background locos" in a yard. Half of each engine's shell is glued to the backboard and the destroyed missing wheels are hidden by a Chooch Enterprises stone wall.




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