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Another pirate that I remember, though far from legendary, was a catcher named Smoky Burgess. Being a former catcher myself, I tend to gravitate to others who played the same position.

Randy, I was a pitcher in the Pony League. Since you were a catcher, we should have a catch some day. I can bring the baseball and the mitts, including a catcher's mitt.

I heard that a lot of great games are being played in a place called Iowa. Ya wanna meet me in Iowa? If not, maybe we can meet in a place called York, Pennsylvania. LOL, Arnold


It would be great to meet you in person. York in the Spring would be a good time.  I was an intercollegiate varsity catcherthat doubled on first base in the first two years of undergraduate study. Unfortunately, my over-abused, 69 year-old body will not allow me to play baseball anymore. Otherwise, I would love to have a catch with you. I still have all of my gloves, my catcher's mitt, first baseman's mitt and fielder's glove. After being his little league baseball manager when my only son was 5 - 10 years old and I was in my early 50's, I had to reduce my baseball activity due my deteriorating back and legs. Now I am and avid baseball spectator and life-long railroad junky.

Randy Harrison,

President of the:

Great Northeastern Railway

The Standard Railroad of the Basement



Gentlemen:  I was 7 years old and sitting in front of the TV.  Mazeroski hit the homerun.  I had no interest in the game, but, it is my first Yankee memory.  Three years later, I cried for two hours when Koufax finished off the 1963 WS.  By then, I discovered I was good at baseball and was a huge Yankee fan.  I was so young, I may have thought it was a rule that the Yankees always played in the World Series.  I'm still not over either of those losses.

Randy and Mark, I've been a Stratomatic player since I was 12 years old.  Clemente is still the only outfielder in Strat history with a -6 arm.  That team had 4 catchers:  Hal Smith, Smokey Burgess, Bob Oldis, and Danny Kravitz.   Of course, only Hal and Smokey played in the WS.  Not starting Whitey Ford in game one cost Casey the series, and his job.

Randy, the Nathan's car was another lucky find.  When I saw that the Nathan's Miller Engineering sign was newly available, I coincidentally read a post on the forum from a guy that had two of the cars.  Going online produced two different versions for sale but, the prices were way more than I've ever spent for a single car.  I think both versions were put out by the Nassau Lionel Operating Engineers.  Two days later, I seriously lucked out, and got the car for less than 1/3 of what the other guys were asking.  You can still find one, but paying $200 for any boxcar seems ridiculous to me.

Arnold, haha.  Still, it looks great.  I have lots of leftover balsa and basswood sticks and planks.  All my scratch-builds are made with them.  If I use poster paper or cardboard, they are always framed with wood.  Here are two older pics.



You can't beat baseball and trains.



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