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Does Sculptamold stick to smooth plastic ? I wnt to put something down to bring ground level to plastic roadbed. I want to be able to lift the roadbed later. I have Sculptamond, Fusion Fiber or joint compound here I can work with.

Second question...Anybody know if static grass can bu used on a 60* or greater slope ?


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Anyone who's ever tried to clean it out of a mixing bucket can tell you it sticks pretty decently to smooth plastic. You can get it off if you flex the bucket or work at it with a screwdriver/putty knife. Try covering whatever you dont want bonded with plastic wrap then just cut the edge of the sculptamold away after it dries.

Static Grass will stick to anything thats got wet glue on it.

@Mike CT posted:

Joint compound sticks to most surfaces.  Unfortunately, applied more than 1/8" to 1/4" thick, it doesn't dry/harden well.   Recent repair I purchased a 45 minute set, joint compound mix.  Has to be mixed with water, total time mix and apply, before it stiffen is 45 minutes.   

I've found that you can layer it, wet over dry, to get much greater thicknesses.  Only problems are 1. it's way too heavy and 2. it chips easily.

Put an even coat of Johnson's paste wax on the bottom and the edges of the roadbed , and let it dry before you lay it on the joint compound or other sculpture product.  (Use the type of wax that comes in a can.)  I would doubt very much if the compound will stick.

Gunsmiths use this method to protect the metal barrel and action of a rifle before they glass bed the inside of a stock and set the action down into the glass bedding gel.  (Often they are dealing with an extremely expensive rifle.) Once the bedding dries, the action and barrel and be easily pulled off of the gel.

Just don't let the compound slop up over the edges of the roadbed when you press it down.

Hope this helps,


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