Hello - been browsing the forums here for awhile since I'm newly getting into O-scale, having primarily done HO scale in the past.  One of my recent acquisitions has been a used CB&Q SD-9, item number 20-2111-1.  The unit has been modified by the previous owner(s) so that the dual headlight lenses in both the front and rear were removed...  I'd really like to put the lenses back in though.  

As luck would have it I also have a dummy CB&Q SD-9 item number 30-2872-3 that still has the lenses in place.  Attached is a picture from the inside showing what they look like.

I've been searching and searching for these, or a part number for them, and the best I've come up with so far is a lens for GP7/9's from the 2015 MTH parts guide - FA-2150007.  There appears to be another similar part, FA-2150005, but my feeling is this is less likely to be the correct part for what I need...

If anyone would happen to have a couple of these lenses, be able to confirm the correct part number, or point me in the right direction to where I might able to get a couple of these lenses it would be greatly appreciated!


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