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I have 2 Frisco SD40-2's that I am trying to lash up (6-34784 & 6-34786), #957 and #952 respectively.  In the lash up I turn off the crew talk and horn on #952 on the remote, but it still blows the horn and crewtalk.  I have reset the engine, renumbered it and deleted and remade the lash up several times with no luck.  #957 I am able to do this no problem. 
I will mention I had to replace the railsounds power board on #952 since the old board only worked with 9 volt battery.  But I ordered the part from the schematic on the Lionel site and have no issues with it.
Would appreciate some suggestions or is there a board or something that is wrong.  Is there a special reset procedure?
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I don’t know if this is the problem, but I have a Lionel SD40T-2 built about the same year (6-38937).  To avoid having the horn and crew talk activate when it is a trailing unit I can do one of two things:  1.  Assign the train number to be less than 10 or  2.  Run it as a trailing unit in the same direction as the lead unit.  If I use a train ID above 9 or try to run it as a trailing unit whose direction is reversed relative to the lead unit, I get the horn and crew talk from both it and the lead unit.

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