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I am testing a 2012 PS 3 SD50 MTH engine for purchase. Engine will not add, yet Crew Talk fires up as soon as power to track. Battery is charged. No headlight, no motion, no bell or whistle. I am using original V3.0 software. I tried resetting engine with the Whistle/ Bell combo - no response. If current owner had been using a later control version, would this be the problem? I've researched topic in the excellent MTH book, but can't see anything relevant. Thanks!

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It's not a difficult repair, obviously it's simply a replacement of the coupler. As to the novice question, that really depends on the skill level in general, not something any of us could really answer.

With DCS, the coupler has solder pads right at the coupler, so you don't have to route the wires for the new coupler if you just solder them at the new coupler after removing the old coupler.  The hardest part is you will have to pop the shell off and drop the truck to remove the old coupler and install the new one.

Some MTH couplers come with a wire lead with a connector - no soldering required.  You need to buy the right coupler length and type -  there are several versions.  I was just on the website - get the part number from your engine parts diagram. 

Of course the lead for my replacement was too short so it was splice and solder the wires. Coupler was the correct length. Regardless an easy repair.

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