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Hello Goup.

I am having an issue with friction on the top of the front motor on this unit.  The issue, with reference to the attached photo, is between the black band (where the tip of the screwdriver is) and the motor casing below it.  There is some mechanical resistance as this band is manually rotated which when the unit is running emits periodic sparks.  This black band, I believe, should be flush with the brass flywheel directly above it.  I can move the black band up flush with the brass flywheel however, at higher rpms this band wants to drop down and then creates the sparking and friction issue.  The easy fix would be to use CA glue and reaffix the black band to the brass flywheel above it.thumbnail_IMG_2967   Has anyone else had this issue?


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The magnet ring has come loose from the flywheel and is shorting the motor leads.  Also right there are the leads to the hall effect sensor that go to the DCS.  You are risking shorting motor voltage to the sensor leads and blowing the unobtainium DCDS motor driver board!

You can simply remove the shield around the motor and put some glue on the ring to hold it back in place against the lip on the top of the flywheel.  Sometimes you have to pull the flywheel to do the job properly.

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