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Two hundred bucks and I will pay shipping in lower 48.

Body is brand new Atlas SDP-35, with missing trucks and motors.  Circuit boards inside.  Never used.

Trucks are brand new MTH SD trucks, and as you can see they are too long for a scale model.  3-rail, but missing the center rail pickups.  I can test before packing if requested.

They do slip into the Atlas flooring, but either the fuel tank or the trucks need modifications to work together.  Atlas at one time offered power trucks separately for a very favorable price, but they were for Alco prototype.

There are parts that need to be attached to the body, and they are in Atlas envelopes inside the pristine original box.

I will let this offer run for one week, and then it terminates - not good after October 28, 2021.

Trades for 2-rail considered.



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