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I am desperately searching for a Lionel CSX Motor City Express Train set. My nephew is turning 7 years old in April and he is crazy about model trains. He wants nothing more than this CSX and I have been searching for a year for one, but have been told that they no longer makes these, and I have not been able to find one for sale online. If someone knows where I can find one or has one that would be willing to sell, please message me directly


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Incidentally Mel, I wish I had relatives like you when I was a 7 yr. old kid because I note the set in which you’re interested is certainly not what I’d consider to be a Starter Set as back in 2012-13 (when it was released) Lionel’s MSRP was $970.

In all seriousness though, the fact 10 years have passed since its release may mean the set will prove to be very difficult to find (if at all), and a check of a Lionel Price & Rarity Guide indicates that its value has increased since then.

Nonetheless Good Luck!

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong regarding my email, so I had to add it to the actual body of my forum message. I did message Dales Train on Facebook and unfortunately they do not have this train. I really do appreciate you, I love my nephew, he is such a great and smart kid, and Im really hoping that one day I can give him this train since it's the train of his dreams which has turned out to be the most difficult find as you stated.

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