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well after forever i finally got around to finishing the scratch built Seatrain crane i have been working on.  I still have to build some supporting structures around it and integrate the rest of scenery. I have never cut so many angles in all my life and hiding wires for lighting is lots harder on open structures that buildings lol.



here it is where it is going on the layout  not perfect space but this is one of those cases where i saw the crane and had to build it then realized i needed a place for it on my layout.  Yea kinda backwards but hey ya gotta build what ya like!  Gonna put a dock and some water in front of it.  Maybe someday ill build a cut away ship to load.



close up of main crane deck




nighttime pic with a car ready to be loaded.  I guess he is waiting on the ship lol.




here is the original idea i found in old popular science magazine online.  There are actually quite a few pics online which helped.




here it is in the overall layout from end of table you can see it beyond the sugar beet area


Thanks for lookin!


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Jim Sandman posted:

Wow.  That is some of the best work I've ever seen!!!

How many hours do you think you have into it?



man i try not to think about that!  I guess maybe 40 hours in research/planning and couple hundred hours give or take for work.  The tough thing about this project was it spanned over about 18+months.  Life kept gettin the way!  It pales in comparison with the 1000s of hours i put into the sugar beet refinery lol. 

thanks to everyone for the compliments!

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