I didn't see anyone else photographing the event or writing it up, so I felt like folks here would appreciate seeing what it was all about.  Not sure if they meant it to be low key, but maybe will Atlas advertise this a little more next time.

I wrote up my trip to the second Atlas Warehouse sale. Was a fun little Friday morning.


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I'll make sure not to buy any new corn syrup or chlorine tank cars in the future. According to Atlas they ride on 70T trucks (Part #7065). Past models are fitted with the proper 100T RB trucks.


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I would think Atlas would be more well served doing it on-line, especially if you are in their club, which I have been in since it was created.  Oh well - not the end of the world.  If I lived near by, I would have gone.


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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Interesting trip, I never heard about this until right now.  I didn't see any screaming bargains in your shots, what did you end up buying?

I'd imagine if there were screaming bargains, that they probably came in the first sale. From what I was told, they found more stuff and it was enough to warrant a second sale, considering they were all set up for it.

I came away with nothing, but education and memories. I'm not worried though since there were plenty of people buying up quite a bit.

I honestly already own a lot of Atlas (They are probably half my fleet and a good chunk of my motive power.) and I'm picky and stick with my modeling era and roadname. Having a purpose keeps me in check from buying everything in sight.  I was contemplating a few of the slightly-damaged cars on the used table for projects, but I already have too many projects.

The only rolling stock piece Atlas has done in Southern that fits 1966-1972 that I don't have are the 89' flatcars. $80 was a bit rich, considering the MSRP, and the fact that I explicitly remember Kirk at Justrains having these back in the day for like $40, but that was before I went 2R. I'm sure I'll pick up one or two down the road. I'm in no rush. They also would have been a huge PITA to bring back to the city and then eat up luggage space to transport them to layout down the road. The boxes are insanely long.

I was hoping to buy a couple sets of trucks, even at full price, but that was nipped in the bud. I wish that had been advertised up front. Their 70T thin frame trucks are great for converting Lionel 86' boxcars to 2R.

Other comments:

I am surprised this wasn't announced to folks in the GSC. Maybe the email was lost in transit or perhaps a small oversight. Oh well.

And the 70T truck on the tank car could have been another oversight, but I didn't study the truck guide as I didn't buy any bodies. Hopefully anyone who bought those bodies knew better.

The place was really well organized.  I can only imagine how long it took to set it all up, even with several employees.

I attended the first show.  Bought the plate girder bridge for $30 and an Amtrack Observation Zephyr for $65 plus $20 for the trucks.  Was hoping for some engines but they really didn't have any.   Bought some rolling stock as well that wasn't heavily discounted.


I attended the second warehouse sale as well. I did not have the adventure that David had riding mass transit. For me it was an uneventful 45 minute ride from my house. I got there a little after 11am. There wasn’t a single car in the parking lot. If not for a paper sign on the window I would not have known I was in the right place. I had only been to Atlas HQ once before and I was looking for a red brick building not a white building. After checking in, there were about 3-4 other customers already there. I have no idea where their cars were. I spent over an hour picking out what I wanted. I promised myself “no more boxcars” but I came home with 3 of them. There reason for that is what I really need is track and a layout and not locomotives or rolling stock but there were a lot of models there that I had missed over the years. I could have easily spent twice as much as what I spent.

I felt the prices were fair. Twenty years ago I could buy a brand new boxcar (Atlas Master or MTH Premier) for a little over $40 so getting new boxcars now at that price was to me a good deal. Sure not a great deal but I felt it was fair. I don’t have any 40’ double door boxcars so I got two of them (B&O and Chicago and Northwestern) along with two sets of trucks and a 1937 AAR boxcar in Southern. I also got a hopper in (NY O & W). Total cost was $150 but should have been $140 (I think). I thought the price on trucks was $20 a set but I was charged $25 a set. Problem was I was running late to a celebration of life service for a former co worker so I didn’t look over the receipt until the next day. He was a good man who was unfortunately killed by a person who drove into his lane and hit him head on while he was riding his motorcycle. 

David, it would have been nice to see you there but I assume you were gone by the time I got there. 

By the time I left there were about 4 more cars in the parking lot other than mine. 

If they have it again next year I will definitely consider going. 


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