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Whether you attach directly to plywood or add a foam base or roadbed:

1. No need to screw every piece down - one every 3-4 sections depending on size and location is generally sufficient.

2. I avoid screwing switches down.

3. If the screw head sticks up too far, use a small countersink bit to slightly enlarge the hole so the screw sits down in the hole without having to overtighten the screw.

4. Do not overtighten.

5. See # 4.

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I use one screw per Fastrack section. What with the known issues of electrical continuity I don't want that track moving at all. I have learned to be very cautious and to draw screws down until the track is juuuuust snug on the decking, most especially if a screw is applied to a track switch (which happens only when adjacent track sections don't have screw holes).

At the switching-speed trains mostly move on the PER noise just isn't an issue.   I enjoy listening to the wheel-clicks on the rail joints and with locomotive sound on at low volume everything sounds good to my ear.

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