For my layout, I use a #4 wood screw in whatever length holds the track down properly.  I start out with 3/4 inch length and if it loosens up, go to 1 inch, 1 1/4 inch, or all the way up to 1 1/2 inch.  The last two sizes go through the ceiling tile base that I use into the plywood below, so the track isn't going anywhere.

geysergazer posted:

What is waffleboard? I have never heard the term.


The first thing I thought of reading the term was the last box of Eggo Waffles from our freezer.  Old.  Should've used l-o-n-g ago....if at all.  They were as hard as a board coming from the toaster.  Waffles....board. Described to perfection.

Seriously, though, I Googled the term and found a company that makes....waffle acoustical product of which they're very proud....

"This product is specifically designed to be used as an acoustical laminate in construction with a light density backing board and perforated glass cloth facing, resulting in a finished product Acoustical Navy Board conforming to MIL-A-23054."

Hmmm..... Probably not.  Looks expensive.  Dunno.  Didn't ask for a quote.

Asked an "associate" at our local big box home improvement store to see their waffle board.  → 

Always found Fastrack with its latching base to hang together quite well.  Gravity holds it down pretty well, too.  Lots of minimal choices to avoid the side-to-side wandering.

Stay tuned?....

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