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Happy Friday ...if you are in O scale next Friday you need to be in Denver at the O Scale National Convention ,June 17th -20th.

If you like all things O scale this is the place to be. If you like vintage O scale Jim DeBruin will be giving a talk about the different drive mechanisms used over the years, I'll be giving a talk covering the history of O scale 1920's -1955...both talks on Saturday.

Back in August 1947 F W Gresham on his way to the NMRA convention in SF stopped in Denver to run his freshly made Wabash J-1 Pacific on the Model Engineering Society of Denver's layout in the basement of Union Station.

The Wabash engine is returning to Denver next week .
Hope to see you in Denver .
Cheers Carey
Please see link for J-1 in action


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Hello all thank you for your kind words I have asked if the presentation can be videotaped well not actually video tape, digitally recorded how's that , so it can be spread across  the digital world.. to the large swarm of people hungry for information about vintage O scale.

My layout acquired from a suburb beautiful Pittsburgh the gentleman I bought it from acquired it from a gentleman in a back of a pickup truck no other  information was available.

So if you see a pickup truck with a few odd pieces of track  they may go to my about 6 pieces are missing ...

Cheers Carey

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