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I have a somewhat unusual request. I am trying to locate an individual--Eliot Weisman--who apparently is not a Forum member, but who is (or was) active in our hobby and has/had a very nice layout that I would be interested in featuring in the magazine. I have photos of the layout that were taken by the late, great Jim Barrett, and which Rich Melvin found on Jim's camera when Rich went to Cincinnati to retrieve OGR office equipment after Jim's passing. I would like to contact Mr. Weisman because I do not have any text for an article and was not even aware that Jim had photographed this layout. If any of you fine folks can put me in touch with Eliot Weisman, I can be reached at

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@Lenny J posted:

Allen I can't help with your search but a few years back Jim took photos of my friends layout and it was never published even though Jim said it would be. The layout was by Leon Moore of Mobile Al. If your looking for articles with photos you may look into Leon's  layout.    Lenny J

Yes. His layout is entertaining and imaginative to say the least. I have known Leon for years. I do recall that his layout was photographed by OGR some years ago. It needs an audience.

I think that I last saw him last about a year ago at a train show in Mobile - right before everything shut down.

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