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I have more than a few PW F3s in my collection, and some of those have the loose rivet issue as described here:

However, I have been unsuccessful thus far using my hobby horse press and rivet dies and so I decided to seek out new riveted studs so I could have a fresh start. Unfortunately, the service documents do not get that granular in the parts breakdown.

To further complicate the matter, the early versions of the horizontal motor use an internal thread for retaining the brush plate with a 6-32x 3/16 round head screw and the later motors use an outside thread and a 2343-122 slotted nut.

I hold my standards of work are to be as indistinguishable from factory as possible and therefore I'm not seeking non-factory alternatives such as running a screw/bolt all the way through, creative shims, epoxies/adhesives and so on. I'm seeking to find the part numbers and sources for both styles of riveted studs.


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Chuck Sartor posted:

Since that stud was never offered as a separate part back in the day, you may haft to find the whole motor frame assembly.

Yeah, I'll do that if necessary, but I am hopeful that isn't the case...

Chuck Sartor posted:

I would like to find some 2333M-15 idler gear assemblies, this part is hard to find too.

Those seem to be pretty available:

Bob Osterhoff,, has the Lionel Engineering Standards available on CD. These are not the actual manufacturing drawings.  These are detailed sketches used to try to get their design engineers to use parts in new designs that they already had detailed drawings and tooling for.  I would guess there is information of about 10,000 Lionel postwar parts in this document. 

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