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I saw this at my store.

It mentions that it works on K Line track so I think it would work on K Line Super Streets/ Williams Easy Streets.

I am disappointed it is not track powered but think I will pick one up next time I am in the store.

I am in the middle of a project that will not die so that should be about the time they open tomorrow.

Pray for me.

Made 3 trips there today, discovered the set on the last one.

I had not brought enough rebate money with me to get it.

I won't make that mistake tomorrow.

Hopefully this leads to a full series of powered vehicles.

In the future I hope they offer the cars and trucks stand alone in stead of making us buy  track.

I am not complaining about this set, it would let someone get in to the hobby for 50 bucks and have 2 trucks that go arround the Christmas tree.

That is quite a value no matter how you look at it.

Still waiting for more engines and a full set from you guys!

I don't need another starter set but will probably buy the first one Menards offers just becase I am so glad they offering affordable equipment.

It was sad days in my house when K Line and Weaver closed.

In addition Bachman has raised the prices on Williams.

They have offered some great new items like the GP30 but they have discontinued many other items like the E7's, FP45  and many others.

Menards has been a bright spot for us "close enough is good enough" operators.

Always glad to get an email announcing the latest and greatest from Eau Clair Wisconsin!

@jim sutter posted:

I would of painted the trucks some railroad name.  Like Pennsylvania, New York Central or Conrail.   I'm sure Menard's had their reasons for painting them in the M. and M. colors.

Likely to catch the attention of kids, Jim.   I think older railroad buffs are less likely to be interested in this item.   M&Ms first, then maybe some railroad names down the line.

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