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My father collected some stuff over the years that he never used.  To the best of my knowledge, all of the items listed below are brand new in box, some are in the original Lionel shipping containers.  Prices do not include shipping, shipping will be the actual cost, which will be determined once I know the address the shipment is going to. For the items I have found boxes for and prepared for shipment I have put in estimated shipping based on sending the items from my house to a mythical address in Manhattan.  Any questions and you can pm me here, or my email address is, if you email PLEASE  put "Lionel" in the subject field, as like all of us I get way too much spam these days and do not want to miss your message.   I hope some of this stuff finds it into the hands of someone who has been looking for a particular item for a while, that's what Dad would want.

Thanks for looking, and happy training.

Item #1 - SOLD
Lionel 6-1471 Pirate Ship Ride
Asking $325; est shipping $40

Item #2
Lionel 6-1409 MLR Carousel
Asking $275; est shipping 25.00

Item #3
Coal Bundle
1 - 6-32921 Electric Coal Elevator
4 - 6-19885
Asking $300; est shipping $45

Item #4
Lionel 6-22980 TMCC SC-2 Switch and Accessory Controller
Asking $125; est shipping $15

Item #5
Lionel 6-14203 Carnival Swing
Asking $250; est shipping $35

Item #6 - SOLD
Lionel 6-24110 Pennsylvania Tugboat
Asking $450; est shipping $35

Item #7
Lionel 6-36703 Circus Stock Car and Corral
Asking $125; est shipping $30

Item #8
Lionel 6-25507 SP Heavyweight 2 pack
Asking $225; est shipping $30

Item #9
Lionel 6-14110 Operating Ferris Wheel
Asking $550; est shipping $50

Item #10 - SOLD
Lot of 6 O72 Fast Track Switches  3 LH, 3RH
Asking $500; est shipping $35

Item #11 - NO SHIPPING ESTIMATE (can't find a box the right size yet)
Lionel 6-25506 SP Heavyweight 4pk
Asking $450

Item #12 - No Shipping Estimate.  Have to find a box.
Lionel 6-12782 Lift Bridge
Asking $600
*Note the outer shipping carton shows water damage, but I do not see any inside.  If you are interested I can open it up and take photos, but i prefer not to open it unless necessary.  This thing is massive, I have no idea what it will cost to ship.

Item #13
Lionel 6-18992 Alco Switcher
Asking $525; no shipping estimate yet as it is not packed up.


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