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Hey all, I have to move so the layout has to go. I'm located in Brooklyn, NY so local pickup would be great.

Layout: Would be great to find a buyer who would take the layout as is (it can be broken down into sections - the longest is 96"x8" but most are 36"). I've attached the SCARM file for details and a pdf for dimensions of each section. The layout is made out of 3/4" plywood stained white with 1/4" cork sheets meticulously hand cut to fit each curve. Its 31' long and about 3' wide at the bottom and 11' wide at the top with over 80' of track! I wired it for conventional and it has 6 blocks switchable between two transformers from a central control panel which also operates all the switch machines. I also have it setup to run with TMCC.

Includes the following track and switches:

(2) Ross Custom Switches 100 RH 11°
(2) Ross Custom Switches 101 LH 11°
(1) Ross Custom Switches 106 LH O31
(1) Ross Custom Switches 111 LH O42
(1) Ross Custom Switches 116 LH O54
*all switches have dz1000 switch machines

(16) GarGraves 37" Flex Wood
(7) GarGraves O‑32" p
(6) GarGraves O‑42" w



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