As my layout grows, so does the current demand.  I have been using a Lionel "VW"  (150W) for track voltage, eight #O22 switches, and six #6019 remote control track sections.  I installed TVS on each leg of the transformer plus a 5 amp circuit breaker for track voltage.  With this set up I do not trip the circuit breaker in the "VW".  I do know that it works.  I run my accessory lights with a CW-80.  I suspect I'm reaching the limit of my "VW".  I also have a Type "S" transformer available.  Should I move the switches or control track to the Type "S"?  I'm aware of the need to keep transformers in phase.  Which one should I move?  I have a second 5 amp circuit breaker installed but unused on my control panel.  I run conventional and LC+ locomotives.

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I'd move the switches and remote tracks to the S and keep the VW for trains. 

On my layout a ZW powers the trains while a Type Z handles the lights, operating accessories, and remote control tracks. I'd always recommend have the trains power source separate from the accessory power source. 

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To reduce the power draw in general, I picked up some Direct replacement LED bulbs (available with the various bases with resistors already built in) and swapped them out on all my 022 switches and bumpers as well as my 2500 series passenger cars and the difference was quite noticeable.  Look for the "warm white" or "soft white" and it pretty much looks the same

Given the peak power draw of the 022 switch, and it's effect on command operations at times, I'd consider aux power for all the switches.

Obviously, my recommendation for the passenger cars is LED lighting.

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