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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 will be the 50th anniversary of the first revenue run of the New York City Transit's R-32 Subway Cars. I was on the first revenue trip on that morning of September 16, 1964. I rode from the Sheepshead Bay Station in Brooklyn to the 57th St. and 7th Av. Station in Manhattan. I believe it was on a Wednesday. To commemorate that day I plan to ride a set of R-32s on September 16th. They are currently operating on the J Line from the Broad St. Station in Manhattan, over the Williamsburg Bridge to the Jamaica Center Station in Queens. If you would like to join me on September 16th please let me know here on this forum.


Thank you.

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Thank you for the video. That first day the train of R-32s pulled into the Sheepshead Bay Station the morning sun shinning off of the new stainless steel cars almost blinded me. These cars were a complete surprise as I did not hear about them on the tv news or read about them in any of the New York City newspapers. As the train pulled out of the station the rate of increasing speed was the fastest of any other subway train type I had ever ridden. The interior of the cars were just as impressive as the outsides were. These cars were for me were the interesting models new as were the 6000 series Tri-Plex D Type cars that they would be replacing were old. I really did not mind seeing the old cars being replaced. So again I plan to ride a set of R-32s on Tuesday, September 16th the 50 anniversary of the first set to operate in revenue service If anyone wants to join me please let me know here on the forum.



Thank you, that would make for even a better day if you could be the motorman on the train that day. I am planning to ride from the Broad St. Station in Manhattan to the Jamaica Center Station and back. I would be coming into Grand Central Terminal on Metro-North just after the morning (rush hour) peak time around 10am. Then I would take an IRT Subway train to the Brooklyn Bridge Station and then transfer to the J Line at the Chambers St. Station and ride to the Broad St. Station to start the trip. For the ride back to Manhattan I would travel on your schedule. Let's keep in touch until then (September 16th). My email address is:


Ed Gerson

Ben since I have not heard back from you or anyone else and now since something important has to be taken care of next week over two days I won't be doing the R-32 anniversary ride. My friend who works for NYC Transit suggested I wait until the last of the R-32s are retired from service and then a fan trip should be run. What I will do on the 14th is run my 10 car R-32 train set on my layout.



I have only seen the photo of the R-32 train set in the Mott Haven Yards on September 9th, 1964 which were on post cards that were given out to passengers when the first run arrived at the 57th St. Station on September 14, 1964. That 8 car train in the photo consisted of car numbers 3350-3353, 3356-3357, 3360-3361. The train that ran on this date consisted on car numbers 3358-3359, 3362-3365, 3370-3371 that I was on.

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