Serious Thank You to Henning's!

On another thread, I was talking about my Flyer 350 Royal Blue running on my Club's layout, and it reminded me to post this as well!

A couple years ago, my father bought me a Flyer Royal Blue freight set from 1948, complete with track and transformer, looking for all the world like she was run a few times and then put away.  Looks were one thing, but age caught up with the E-unit inside, as well as the motor needing more of a service than I could have done.

So I took the engine to Henning's to be overhauled, and maybe a couple weeks later, she was ready.  When I picked it up, they told me that the engine was almost 70 years old, and after the overhaul she'll run for 70 more!

I ran it here and there, not really for any length of time.  But a couple weeks ago, I took the set to my first attendance with my club to run some trains!  The last slot of the day was kindly given to me, and on the tracks the set went.

For the hour, it ran with no stops, no issues.  It ran smoothly, the only noise coming from the motor itself, doing what it was made for.  The other members of the club who were there were commenting on how great she ran, and I have to agree!  It ran incredibly well, and it could have run for more hours had we were there longer!

I have to thank Henning's for the amazing job in bringing my Royal Blue back to life!  The service was incredible there, the folks working there are great, and I will take any of my problem cases there to be taken care of!  The Royal Blue is running like she just came out of the factory, and runs strong enough to handle many more years of great running!

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I started going to Hennings when they were located on Rt 63, the main drag through Lansdale.  That must have been around 1980.  I continued with them all through my "O" gauge years.  When they moved to Line Street, I would stop in every Friday night and give Harry some more money for the latest item I had on lay-away.  I also liked to walk over to his father's store and for the most part just chit chat.  I have returned to the Line St store since I returned to "O" gauge three years ago.  It seems they are still doing what they've always done.....A good job.  

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A nice reminder of the true value of a well run, well staffed Local Hobby Store.

And, ever since they posted the awesome plans a few years ago of the equally awesome Christmas tree that permits a train to run up and down the tree continually, I've come to appreciate Henning's contribution to us all!

Mallard4468 posted:
Mark Boyce posted:

...  I live in the same state as Henning's but they are a 6-hour drive away!  ...

I had a car like that once.

Well yes, my car is an '04 and has seen better days!  

Barney Google just told me it is 333 miles from Muntz Ave, Butler to Henning's in Lansdale; 5 hours and 25 minutes.  You are right, I would have to break the speed limit to do it that fast, and the old goat can't do that except downhill!  So 6 hours it is!  

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