Just purchased a K-Line 2439-0262 GP 38-2 diesel at York.  It's the exact unit I was seeking, but did not include the service manual.  It has TMCC, Railsounds, smoke, cruise, etc.  Does anyone have any advice on securing a copy of the service manual?  There may be one for a similar unit that may work, but I know this unit has more features than the # 0269



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Truthfully, I've never seen a K-Line service manual, do they exist?   All I've ever seen is the generic User's Manual they stick in the box with their products.

The guts of your locomotive are a combination of Lionel boards and the K-Line cruise module.  I've worked on a ton of K-Line stuff, and I've yet to find or even see a service manual.

Sorry folks I meant the simple instruction booklet that came with the unit when new. It includes info on programming and clearing codes. Long story but I know it exists b/c I once had a new unit with the booklet. Sent it in for repair and shop LOST the entire unit box and all. Have been searching for replacement for nearly 2 years. Good news is that they will repay me for this unit. 
Thanks. Michael 

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