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I have been using AnyRail for a while now and have designed a complex Lionel O gauge FasTrack layout (11 x 16). I would like to be able to specify a color for the different pieces of track so that when I print the layout I can see what's what. I use this as a guide when assembling the track. Is this possible in AnyRail?

Is this possible in SCARM? Looking at the online info it looks like you can.

This is my first post on this forum, so please tell me if I need to include more information.

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Welcome to posting.

Im my experience with SCARM yes you can assign color to track sections, but I don’t believe you can assign it by length.  In other words you can select a piece of track and make it red but you can not specify that all 10” straight pieces will be red and have them show up that way as you place them.  I could be wrong as I use the colors to denote blocks for control.  Hopefully others will be able to correct me.


I think you can apply a "theme color" to all sections of the same type in SCARM.  However, when I use SCARM, I use labels to denote the different track sections, and save the colors to designate electrical blocks, graded sections or different levels, etc.

I haven't done much with AnyRail so I'll let someone else address  your question for that system.

We can apply a specific color to all highlighted sections of track in SCARM.  So it just comes down to how we highlight the sections of track. If we hold down the <shift> key and click multiple times on a single section of track, then all sections of track with the exact same number will be highlighted and a color can be applied. This is not by length because there are several numbers that are the same length and you would need to repeat it for each number. For 1-3/8" track, there is a different number for no roadbed, half roadbed, and full roadbed. For 10" track, there is a different number for regular track, a couple types of terminal sections, a couple types of accessory activator sections, and an operating section. For 5" track, there is regular, a couple types of insulated, an uncoupler, and a transition piece.

This is not too bad because you are not using all of these different model numbers in one layout. However when I tried using your approach with a simple layout using different radius curves to simulate track easement, I started getting dizzy:

One of my favorite features with SCARM is the parts list that it generates. But all the work I did with coloring the different types of track did not show up on the parts list.


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Thank you for your responses. After thinking more about why I wanted to do this it occurred to me that while having different colors would be nice, it was not applicable to what I was trying to do. I was trying to make the task of initially laying out the track easier by being able to identify each piece (by size) of track to be laid. Once that is done I really didn't need to know what size the pieces were. I did install SCARM and work with it a bit. I guess if I was just starting out I may have stayed with it. But since I have been using AnyRail for the last couple of years, it will be my choice. I do like it's track library better. Thanks again.


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