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While watching several of the "Train night At Dave's" Videos I came upon this one with what it says is a dual-motored custom made engine. Has anyone here seen this engine. Anyone have more information about it ? Maybe it has been discussed before and I missed it.

For anyone that loves tinplate, these videos are great. Most all seem to be in 720P so full screen on a large monitor are a pleasure to watch.

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That's a great engine although the poster refers to it as a 4-4-2 and I believe it is actually a 2-4-4. Also did you notice the two engines seem to be running at different speeds? Or is there only one engine? When you look at the train starting up near the end of the video, the rods are definitely pumping at different rates. I don't know if this is wheel slippage or what.
I agree it only has one motor up front and a dummy rear but it is beautyful. I have been toying with trying to build a camelback engine along the lines like that, but I have too many projects now that are not finished. Like my 1953 Willys flatfender jeep that is in about a 1000 peices all over my garage floor.

Fellas, the thing has 2 operational motors... However the rear motor is not working either 100% or 100% of the time.

If you look at the start up on the bridge about 1/2 way through the vid, the rear wheels spin on start up. It also appears that the front motor would just sit and spin until the rear one powers up.

Also the rotor axle is visible between the wheels on the rear engine... why would it be there if it was a dummy? Just the gear train would add SOOO much drag... Furthermore there are rollers under the rear engine as well.

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