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I've given up looking for a modern hospital that will fit the space I laid out (6" by 8.5") and was thinking of kit bashing an Ameri-Town building and adding a tower with a helicopter pad. My very amateur O Scale is more based on what I can put on my my 4x8 layout.

I know I can shape Evergreen styrene panels in very hot water for the tower, but can I shape, say, the front of the Ameri-Town 1st National Bank front,20210125_09421020210125_10024720210125_10051120210125_100647 or is it two thick to shape without melting or destroying it?

My layout and proposed hospital footprint are attached.

This whole hobby is for my 13-year old autistic grandson. His attention span has now gone from 1-minute running trains to 10-minutes without disengaging.


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I've experimented with a left-over piece of Ameri-Town styrene and found that in a 200deg.F oven for 10 minutes it forms perfectly around a cylinder. The attached was formed over a room temperature beer bottle (also left-over). I lifted it off bake sheet/parchment paper using a wide drywall knife. By pressing down with just an old rag the piece formed and harden immediately. 20210202_112725


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