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The yellow arrows in the photo below are pointing to two holes. There are phillips screws in those holes. They're maybe a bit over a half inch long. You'll need to take those out.


Then on the rear bumper, there are two more phillips screws. Take those out. Some of the engines have been found to have the threads stripped out back there. Both of mine are. I get around this but gently tilting the shell up from the front of the locomotive. It gives the rear screws a little meat to bite into so the threads can bite.

Be aware of the grab irons on the front of the engine. They pop out or pop off and they're light. So you might not notice they come off.

My shell doesn't want to go back on sometimes for some reason. It just takes more wiggling to get it on. I'm not sure what the deal is. Just be aware.

What do you suppose is wrong?


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