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@MartyE posted:

Really interesting. Never having been in the Chicago Union Station Interlocking Tower, is this the tower that controlled the south side, i.e. CB&Q etc., or the north side, i.e. C&NW and Milwaukee Road?


I have since found out that this is the Harrison Street Tower which controls the south portion of Chicago Union Station, for the station platforms to the CB&Q and PRR coach yards.

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Lots of switches to control = lots of stress and headaches! Hope they had enough Asperin.


Actually not as stressful as you would think (certainly NOT like an air port control tower). Having made a number of trips into the DL&W Hoboken Terminal Tower during the morning in-bound commuter rush in the late 1950s, there is definitely LOTS of "activity". However, there was always one or two Signal Maintainers "on duty" in order to assist in any potential "delays".

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