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If when not hooked to track, the transformer should stay on as you turn the throttle. Check with a voltmeter or 6-24v bulb etc.

Hooked to BARE track it should also stay on. If not check your wiring and seperate the connection track from all others.

If the connection still doesnt work you're doing something wrong or that conn track has issues you haven't found. 

 Once you have one piece of track that works, now try the loco on it. maybe add one piece of track extra, no more.

If it works, add one piece of track at a time until it stops. There is the problem piece.  

Or use an ohm meter and check the track for continuity(connection) between center rail and outer rail, check the loop then pull one off & check again, and or check each piece (alone). Any connection is bad track.

Before hand you may want to lay the loco on it's side and touch the wires to roller and frame and it should try to run. If it didn't spark badly or trip the breaker but didn't turn, try again it may be in neutral. You should also detect the eunit coil buzz. 

Oil it before you start, and check that grease hasn't hardened on gears or in the e-unit too. (flush clean with WD-40 or CRC electrical cleaners... and WD40 is not a lube, use a good oil like mobile 1 or something new and train specific.)

Same for old oil varnishes (3in1varnishes)

Because of your terminal arrangement, it sounds like you have the LW transformer which, as John said, is wired differently than most Lionel transformers.

With the LW, the A post should be connected to the outside rails of the Fastrack and the U post to the center rail. Because you have two (identical) A posts, you might want to try swapping them and see if that makes a difference.

BTW, getting 5 volts means you have the B and C posts connected.

You never responded as to how you were making the connections to the Fastrack but, as I said before, I would disconnect the wire leads from the Fastrack and measure the voltage between the two wires (one being connected to the A post and one to the U post) and see if you are getting full 18v voltage. 

Gotta go - sorry  - good luck !


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