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Has anyone considered cranking out a design for short dummy couplers for linking passenger cars, multi-unit engines, etc.?  I see many people looking for these, but I haven't found any designs, it seems these would be fairly simple for someone with CAD expertise.

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The problem there is no one size fits all. I have shortened them on older and new Lionel diesels as well as old and new Lionel passenger cars. All required a different coupler. I did use kadees on one but truck mounted.

If everyone used A,B,C mounts that is common on most tenders but on diesels and passenger cars as well, it would be easier.


John, a great idea!  If someone chose to do this how about making it having a long shank with prick punch marks spaced at 2mm intervals along the shank. That way the user could select the shank length for their specific application and drill their own mounting hole, cutting off any excess if desired. Hence one size would fit multiple applications.

I like the idea of being able to "size" them.  Even if you couldn't, it wouldn't be hard to change the shank length and have multiple sizes available.

This short dummy coupler came with my Son's MTH T1 in case he wanted to double head.  I don't know the P/N but that popular auction site will give you some options if you type MTH STEAM ENGINE FRONT COUPLER DUMMY.  I'm sure it could probably be used/attached to other types of engines cars if you try hard enough.

I'm imagining you doing it John and it sounds easy to me.




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