A couple of years ago, I installed ERR Cruise Control (Cruise Commander M) in a Lionel NEW HAVEN Mountain 6-28058. ( I also installed GRJ's Chuff Generator and Super Chuffer II.)

The engine ran great. But after a period of non use, when I tried to run it, it made a hum and a short circuit.

I have removed the boiler shell and looked for a pinched wire. I could not find one. When I disconnect the red wire from the 4 wire plug on the ERR board that connects to AC Hot, the short disappears. So it appears to me that the short is coming from the ERR board.

Does this seem correct?

If the short is coming from the ERR board is there a way to confirm this or repair it?

Or do I need  a new ERR Cruise Commander M board?  

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Without actually checking what component is shorted, it's hard to say if it's repairable.  It's most likely the bridge rectifier or one or more of the motor driver FETs, (TO-220 parts bolted to the heatsink).  I believe those are the only parts that could actually give you a total short indication.  My experience has been it's more often the FETs than the bridge rectifier.

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