Eddie, On30 is O, but narrow gauge using HO track (or for more proper ties On30 track) There are some really interesting engines in the nitch. Check out Bachmann's site. I'm sure it wouldn't change your PW preferences, but still worth a peek. They are O, but for th most part smaller. There are articúated or mallet, diesel critters, Porters, Climax, Heiseler, Shay, Farley, etc.etc.(lots of cool old steam)

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Very nice Chris. I don't know what ON30 is?  It looks like that layout is  S gauge. 

The On30 equipment is occasionally repurposed for S gauge, some very unique rolling stock.


Don't mean to hi-jack the post. But someone asked if it is possible to add a smoke unit to the Bachmann On30 Locos. Here is a crude video of a Bachman HO 3-Truck Shay that I kit bashed using a On30 Kit and added a smoke unit. Sorry for the bad video, it's a few  years old. I have also added smoke units to Backmann On30 Climaxes. You do need to change the stock smokestack. 


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When 0n30 was introduced, there were articles in mags on a converting it to On3.  I would like to to that, as a connecting road, IF l ever get the three rail done.  I assume that is still possible and there is sectional On3 track available?  I would grab several Bachman engines, also, if available in three rail.  

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