39C40963-CDEC-4B5E-847E-3CD13B40A18DB996CAC1-9670-4ED2-B963-15D71909FB566C7AFF17-872F-4CDA-9150-CA43ED3710A920141650-C30C-4F40-B6F7-0E191ACD60D16BFAF8A3-279B-4528-BD8A-BBB57FB28707So I took about an 1/8” out of the frame to move the cylinders back and will cut some off the end of the frame once I figure out how much space I need for the pilot truck.  Put larger wheels on the pot and shortened it from the Williams normal 2.25” wheelbase to about 1.875. 1-3/4 would be about right for prototype. I’m working on an articulated joint like the lionel scale K4’s use. Also cut about 1/8” out of the boiler right behind the smoke box. I think it looks better,  ot sure its worth the effort lol. But this was a $60 parts purchase and I figured what the heck. Tge last photo is a stock Williams K4 versus the modified one.  Am I on the right track? Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Dennis Holler If its old and broke, I like it


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