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Covered hopper one-bay PS2-001Covered hopper one-bay PS2-002

I got it at the 1988 San Antonio (actually looked at the Alamo but Fess Parker was not around! ) O Scale National Convention from someone who was making three-bay hoppers out of two Weaver two-bay PS-2 hoppers. I asked what did you do with the left over parts and he reached under the table and pulled this out. I asked if he would sell it. "No." Well, every time that I went by his table, I asked again. Late Sunday afternoon, he relented and I was able to buy it complete with trucks and couplers. Note that I changed out the round hatches for the long hatches; they seem (to me) to look better on the short car. I now need to decide what reporting marks to put on it; probably a lease car with a private industry as leasor. Hmmm, "OLSON PLUTONIUM"; after all the car is quite heavy for its size.

On the bottom are the following markings:

#1 Proj.    SN#1    W. Hodges (on the left of the centersill)

M, L (orCL) & C    Shops (on the right of the centersill)

Does anyone recognize of the names above? I am curious if he continued to produce the three-bay conversions and if any have surfaced on the used market.


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  • Covered hopper one-bay PS2-001
  • Covered hopper one-bay PS2-002
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@Jerry Davis posted:

A guy here locally made a 3-bay car out of two 2-bays, and a one bay out of the remaining parts as you described. He also made a very shorty tank car. We had a friend that ran a septic tank service. We lettered the cars for Dukes Septic Service. The tank car was car number 01 and the covered hopper was car number 02.

Cute.  I need one lettered for Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services.

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